Planning a big move in the near future?

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when renting trucks or self-storage unit rentals from Budget.

1. Rates & Availabilities

It is best to reserve trucks mid-week and mid-month. Demand for trucks increases at the end of the month, so if you’re moving mid-month you will get excellent rates on your moving truck! The same applies for storage unit rentals. Make sure you reserve well in advance.

2. Select an Appropriate Truck Size

Visit our truck rental page to select the correct moving truck for your household’s needs. We offer a variety of sizes from 1 ton to 5 ton.

3. Moving Boxes

Don’t pack your possessions in used, dirty boxes They are more prone to break and sully up the contents of the boxes . Contact one of our locations for availability on high-quality, sturdy moving boxes and moving supplies.

4. Recruit Moving Help

Get some friends and family members to lend a hand and help you move. Organize your move ahead of time and make sure everything is packed and ready to go when help arrives. If you need help with packing and loading and want to hire help, check out our moving partners.

5. Have Enough Moving Supplies

There are always things that are easy to overlook when moving, and supplies are no exception. Packing tape, bubble wrap, locks, rope newspapers for kitchenware. For more information on what we sell, visit our moving supplies page or ask a Budget agent about what you’ll need for a successful move.

6. Inquire About Truck Rental Coverage

Many auto insurance companies and major credit cards do not provide coverage for rental truck damage or theft. Give your agent a call to verify what your auto insurance covers. Budget offers optional protection plans and waivers.