Pack to save your back and your belongings

  • Use new boxes. New boxes are sturdy, clean and pest free. Use uniform size boxes for easy stacking.
  • Fill each box completely to avoid tipping or collapsing. Stuff open spaces with newsprint.
  • Use small boxes with heavy duty packing tape to keep out dust.
  • Rubbermaid containers are great to store your items. They have tight fitting lids and stack easily.
  • Clothing and draperies should be stored in wardrobe boxes, on hangers, to retain their original shapes.

Wrap your valuables

  • Do not use newspaper to wrap items. The ink rubs off.
  • Use bubble wrap or packing paper sheets which will not leave marks.
  • Pack fragile items separately in a sturdy box marked “FRAGILE”.

Use hidden spaces

  • Larger appliances make excellent “packing cases” for blankets, tablecloths and clothing.
  • Furniture with drawers can be utilized as storage places for pictures, knick knacks, china and silverware.

Make storage easy and safe

  • Label boxes on all six sides and keep a list for easy reference.
  • Always put heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top to prevent boxes from being crushed.