Use the storage space wisely.

  • Place your items on 2 x 4′ s or pallets to guard against dampness. Any concrete floor may become cold and damp.
  • Utilize all the space in your unit but leave a walkway to the rear of the unit.
  • Use free standing shelves to help organize your unit.
  • Be sure to store frequently used items at the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them.
  • Disassemble items such as tables and bed frames to save space.
  • Stand mirrors and paintings on edge.
  • If you stand mattresses on their side, prop them up so they stand straight. They may tend to bend out of shape and become lumpy.

No unwanted surprises.

  • Be sure to check your unit at least once a month.
  • To protect your items, cover them with moving pads, sheets or light blankets.
  • Do not use plastic to cover your belongings – it retains moisture.
  • Use a good quality lock on your door; cheap locks do not provide good security.
  • Do not store food items – this will help prevent any unwanted guests.
  • Do not store any toxins or flammables, such as paint, oil, gasoline, or propane.